Energy, CleanTech and Materials

Ghent University offers technology for various applications in the domain of energy, cleantech and materials

Mixture of cement and polymer-treated clay for durable cut-off walls
Keywords: Clay, hydraulic barrier, environmental, waste, pollution, long-term efficiency, cut-off wall

Understanding the dynamic response of windshields and architectural glazing
Keywords: windshields, architectural glazing, safety, glass components

Thermoplastic nanofibers improve the mechanical performance of composites
Keywords: thermoplastic, nanofibers, composites, electrospinning

Online accurate system to determine the void fraction of a two-phase fluid system
Keywords: Void fraction, two phase system, refrigerant, cooling, heating

Development of a mechanical prosthetic ankle-foot system that adapts automatically to the shoe heel height
Keywords: Prosthetic, ankle, foot, heel height, automatic, adaption

HYPER clay, a clay barrier with superior sealing properties
Keywords: Clay, hydraulic barrier, environmental, waste, pollution, long-term efficiency

Bi-directional to uni-directional PTO system for wave energy converters
Keywords: Wave energy converter, PTO, bi-directional to uni-directional

High efficient Axial Flux Machines
Keywords: Axial flux permanent magnet machine, high efficiency, low cogging torque

Method to accelerate hardening and to increase strength of air lime mortars
Keywords: lime, mortar, construction, building, micro organism, bacteria, yeast

Automatic connection valve between formwork and concrete pumping pipes
Keywords: concrete, self-compacting concrete, casting, construction, formwork, pumping,

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