Outside Europe

If you are interested in taking part of your studies outside Europe - Erasmus Programme, consult the coordinator of your study programme  (Faculty Commission Internationalisation - FCI) to take care of some practical issues.


  • Deadline: 15 February 2017 for mobility in the 1st and 2nd semester of 2017-2018.
  • Information session 2017-2018 (English): 15 December 2016 - 13h-14h (Campus Sterre: S2, Aud. 1.008)


Remark: Rotation system (please consult Regine Coolen on availability)

  • Developing countries VLIR-UOS study trips: VLIR-UOS destinations
  • Scholarship announcements: New procedure!!

    The call for the new selection mechanism will be spread beginning of December via Minerva

  • Other destinations for Internship and Master Thesis: individual contacts between professors / supervisors


For your application for the 1st or the 2nd semester, each academic year there is only 1 deadline (15 February 2017). Keep in mind that there are no scholarships awarded if you want to extend your stay abroad. Incomplete or belated files will not be processed.

This application process is only applicable to Ghent University. Your file will not be sent to the host university! You will need to follow there also an application process. Also keep in mind their deadline.

Your file

Online file includes: OASIS Application, Learning Agreement (Exchange curriculum), Motivation letter, Knowledge of languages and Contact.

(register via oasis.ugent.be)

Exception: Flemish scholarships VLIR-UOS: study trips to developing countries (see project website for the application process + deadline)

Further procedure

  • Contact your member of the FCI and/or your faculty contact Regine Coolen on time.
  • For exchanges in academic year 2017-2018 you can submit your application for studying abroad on the Oasis website from December 2016.
  • Follow the application procedure of the host university, minding their deadline!
  • Language tests: check the language requirements and the necessary language certificates of the host university.
  • From the host university you will receive a confirmation with extra information concerning practical arrangements.
  • At the end of your stay you will receive a "Transcript of Records" of your host university. This is a summary of your achievements during your Erasmus stay abroad. Deliver this document to the FCI member of your programme, preferably with a translation of the score calculation / grading evaluation. 

Scholarships Procedure

  • NEW ! Competitive selection procedure on the basis of a Portfolio
  • General principle: larger scholarships voor students who need it the most from a socio-economic point of view
  • about 180 scholarships available
  • Variable: scholarships for travel expensens (± 130 scholarships) up to a montly contribution and travel expensenses (± 50 scholarships)
  • amount travelexpensens: depending on the host University. Amount monthly contribution: 650 euro/month max. 1 semester financing


  • Deadline application: 6 March 2017
  • Independant selection committee decides, according to 'waterfall system'
  • Amount fo scholarship will depend on:
  1. quality portfolio
  2. budget estimate and financial situation
  • The latest by 10 May 2017: announcement selection results
  • Note! For internship and research in Latin America, Asia and Africa there is the VLIR-UOS scholarship offer (1.000 euro)
  • Note! The combination of 2 mobility scholarships is not possible.
  • Note! Universities without a cooperation agreement: no scholarship possible.

Practical info

Studying outside Europe involves a lot of administrative responsibilities. As a student you have to handle this administration yourself:

Are you leaving for a destination without a cooperation agreement? Definitely check the conditions for registration and the corresponding costs with the host university.