Doctoral schools: how to apply IN TIME for a refund

For a UGent PhD student, to be able to incorporate an ICES course in the Doctoral Training Program (DTP) and get a refund from the Doctoral Schools (DS) strict DEADLINES apply. Please read through the information below carefully and take the necessary action.

1. Before enrolling

Check if you have not already exceeded the maximum number of courses eligible for a refund.

The maximum numbers are:

  • one transferable skills seminar (Introduction to R or R Intermediate)
  • three specialist courses (All other ICES statistics courses)

2. Enrolling

Enrolling consists of two essential parts:

1. Doctoral Schools (DS): open a dossier

DEADLINE 1: Open a dossier on the DS website. If you want a refund of the registration fee from your DS the deadline to open this dossier is one month before the start of the course (See table below). To open this dossier go to the DS website and choose 'Course registration and recognition' > 'Application for recognition'.
Please note: The deadline is less strict if you are not applying for a refund.

2. Institute for Continuing Education in Science (ICES): register for the course

Enroll for the course with ICES at least one week before the start of the course: send a filled out registration form to ICES. (Do not send it to the DS).

3. Payment

Pay the full fee, including book(s) en exam fee(s) to ICES, not to the DS.
Please note: the DS only reimburse the registration fee, not books and exam fees.

4. Take the course

You must attend all classes. Please note: as of 2017-2018 it is no longer necessary to take part or succeed in the exam connected to the course to be able to incorporate the course in the DTP or get a refund.

5. Complete the dossier

DEADLINE 2: Within three months after finishing the course, complete your dossier with the DS by providing them with:

  1. the Certificate of Attendance (You will receive this by e-mail from ICES.)
  2. Proof you paid for the course to ICES (Ask your secretary)


Deadlines in 2017-2018 for opening a dossier with your DS

Course Deadline to open a dossier on the DS website
M1: Introduction to R September 15, 2017
M2: Introductory Statistics. Basics of Statistical Inference October 13, 2017
M3: Analysis of Variance December 8, 2017
M4: Applied Linear Regression January 26 2018
M5: Multilevel Analysis for Grouped and Longitudinal Data March 2, 2018

M6: Structural Equation Modelling I

March 9, 2018
M7: Structural Equation Modelling II March 9, 2018
M8: R Intermediate April 6, 2018
M9: Multivariate Statistics April 27, 2018
M10: Causal Inference Course dates still to be set