Internal payment via SAP

UGent-personnel members (Ph.D. students, WP, AAP, ZAP, ATP, UZ, ...) who enrol for an ICES course are strongly encouraged to pay via SAP.

Payment via internal transfer

If the registration fee will be paid from a 'budgetplaats' or an E-/ WBS-element the easiest way is to use an internal transfer.

To complete payment please let us know the following information:

  • the name of your secretary
  • the budget place or E-/ WBS-element that will be used to pay for your participation
  • ICES will request an internal order for your budget holder to approve

Payment via internal order

If the registration fee will not be paid from a 'budgetplaats' or an E-/ WBS-element an internal order is needed. Please ask your secretary to draw up an internal order using the following information:

  • Our department code is WE56
  • The article number is 3000034
  • Please also state the name of the participant
  • Fax or e-mail the approved internal order to