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IPBO builds awareness and capacity through knowledge transfer in enabling technologies and promotion of innovative research for low and middle income countries.

Prof. Marc Van Montagu appointed as UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador for Agribusiness

Marc Van Montagu

Marc Van Montagu, Founder and Chairman of IPBO, has been appointed "Goodwill Ambassador for Agribusiness" by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

"We want to recognize a remarkable carreer that has brought such dramatic improvements to the lives of the rural poor around the world. By bestowing this recognition on Professor Van Montagu, we want to highlight, from the perspective of UNIDO, the impact of biotechnology on the food and agribusiness industries of the 21th century and beyond", said LI Yong, the Director General of UNIDO.

For more information: http://www.unido.org/news/press/belgian-molecular-bi.html





Postgraduate Certificate in Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology by Distance Learning

balkThis international e-course in “Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology” is aimed at training scientists and law specialists in biosafety expertise and evaluation. The course offers a solid basis to set up and implement regulatory biosafety frameworks related to plant biotechnology, and to assist in the legislation and interpretation of biosafety risk assessment, risk management and communication to policymakers or the public.

Registration for the academic year is open!

Application deadline: 
31st of August 2014.

Summer Course 2014: Modern Breeding Techniques of Cassava

8-19 September 2014

This course is aimed at training students and scientists from the public and industrial sector, who are involved in local breeding programs of cassava plants. The major topics in the field of modern breeding will be discussed. The program also includes practical exercises on molecular markers to familiarize participants with the associated lab techniques as well as excursions to crop processing plants.
A number of scholarships with support from VLIR-UOS for accommodation and travel expenses are available.

Application deadline: June 15th 2014


NEW! Master in Plant Breeding

Master in Plant Breeding

In response to strong demand from private and public institutions involved in plant breeding and in the food sector, a new “Master in Plant Breeding” has been jointly established by the Polytechnic Institute of LaSalle Beauvais, France and Ghent University, Belgium.
The ‘Master in Plant Breeding’ is a 2-year international Master program intended to form expert plant breeders with strong cross-curricular competence in biotechnology, including molecular and bioinformatics tools and their applications in plant breeding. The Master program will begin in September 2014.

New Papers

  • Regulatory options for genetically modified crops in India
  • "DTREEv2, a computer-based support system for the risk assessment of genetically modified plants" now available online.

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