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Master of Space Studies

The space sector is an important component of modern life, in terms of economic, societal, technological and scientific developments.  The sector and its manifold applications helps to sustain the prosperity of our society. Its future requires highly skilled experts with a broad interdisciplinary view.  The development of innovative technologies is fostered by intense symbiosis between technological sectors and the challenges set by fundamental research in exact and biomedical sciences.  The economic and societal valorisation of space technologies requires an efficient understanding between project developers and the economic sectors.  The large scale of space projects imposes important constraints on their management.  The international character of the space sector and of its broad applications, including the relevance of space for security and defense, implies a need for European and international legal and political measures.

The master of space studies aims to better prepare students for a career in the many space related businesses, institutions and government bodies.


Contact: Herwig Dejonghe