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Ghent University celebrates its 200th anniversary

Ghent University was founded on 9 October 1817 in the presence of King Willem Frederik of Orange-Nassau. In 2017 - 200 years later - the whole Ghent University community (students, staff and alumni) will celebrate that historic moment.

Ghent University 20.0: a history for the future

The history of Ghent University is built on social impact. 200 years of Ghent University is a symbolic pivot point for Ghent University.

We are not just looking back at our rich history: most of all we are looking ahead and asking ourselves about what role we want to play as a university in the future. 2017 is the perfect moment to give shape to this vision.

Ghent University 20.0 is not the university of today or the university of tomorrow: it is the University of the Future.