What role does Ghent University want to play for the next 200 years?

200 years of Ghent University is a symbolic pivot point for Ghent University. We are not just looking back at our rich history: most of all we are looking ahead and asking ourselves about what role we want to play as a university in the future.

Together with wider society and our stakeholders, 2017 is the perfect moment to give shape to this vision. What trump cards does Ghent University hold? How can Ghent University serve society (even more) in the future? How does society itself see the university's role in the future?

That is precisely why 200 years of Ghent University will be much more than a celebration. In 2017, we want to provide the keys to unlock the university of the future.


Innovation, progress and development

Linking research to social relevance. In this way, we aim to have an impact at the local, national and international levels. As a university, we aim to be an institution that educated and motivates broad-minded students and expands their horizons.

Continuous stream of renewal

This idea about progress and innovation is not new. Even in 1817, Ghent University was founded in a changing social context and we evolved along with a stream of renewal. From the very beginning, Ghent University 1.0 was a work in progress.

Bold thinking about the university of the future

However, during 200 years of Ghent University, we don't just want to look at the next version. Our ambition goes farther. Not Ghent University 2.0, but a Ghent University 20.0. 20 is the maximum score that can be given at the university, and it stands for the highest quality.

Ghent University 20.0 is not the Ghent University of today or the university of tomorrow: it is the University of the Future. It's up to us to dare to think about the university that doesn't exist yet.