Discover a festive programme with ‘social impact’ as a red thread throughout the entire year.

Anchor events

zee.jpgContest 'Corsica – Stareso'

11 March 2017

A fascinating scientific competition about marine sciences and oceanography for pupils in Flanders and Wallonia. The winner will have the opportunity to go to Corsica for a week and immerse themselves in Stareso (underwater scientific research base). In partnership with the Université de Liège. View the photo report...


studentengala.jpgDies Natalis Pop-Up Festival

14-16 March 2017, event plaza Ufo - De Brug

Ghent University welcomes everybody to enjoy young talent on stage and a good glass of beer. Musicians, dancers, stand-up comedy, foodtrucks and so on: for three days the festival is ongoing from 11 AM to 10 PM, with a splendid closing party on 16 March! View the photo report...


symposium.jpgStudium Generale Sustainability Thinking

22 March, Kunstencentrum Vooruit

The celebration year gives a perfect opportunity to reflect on the role of our university in the seek after a sustainable society. Therefore the CDO, Sustainability Office, UGent1010 and Vooruit organise a free Studium Generale 'Sustainability Thinking' with 4 lectures (22/03, 29/03, 19/04 and 26/04). Read more...


pen.jpgGreat Spelling Bee

23 March 2017, Ufo

Sharpen those pencils and immerse yourself in the rich lexicon about 200 years of Ghent University according to the rules of the phonetic art set by Ghent University alumni Linda De Win and Freek Braeckman. And after the last sentence? View the photo report...


studentengala.jpgDies Natalis party

23 March 2017

On the eve of Dies Natalis, all the students are traditionally welcomed to a massive Dies Natalis party, this time indeed with a special programme to celebrate Ghent University’s 200th anniversary .


rectorenmeeting.jpgInternational rectors' conference

23 and 24 March 2017, Het Pand

Ghent University welcomes the rectors from its top partner universities. ‘Shaping our common future: universities in a global society' will be the central theme of the conference. Read more... - View the photo report...


dies.jpgDies Natalis and university hymn premiere

24 maart 2017, Aula en Opera Gent

Ghent University awards institutional honorary doctorates to prominent figures (Aula). This will be followed by the premiere of the university hymn composed by Dirk Brossé (Opera Gent). View the photo report of the academic session... - View the photo report of the concert and university hymn... - View the full concert...


fotoboek.jpgBook of photographs

24 March 2017, Aula

A book that shows 200 objects that have a connection with the university, each with its own short narrative that will stimulate the reader to want to know more and search more. It becomes kaleidoscope of objects that show both the history and the diversity of the university.


regatta.jpgInternational rowing regatta

7 april 2017, Watersportbaan

International university rowing teams compete against each other on the Ghent Watersportbaan. The Ghent University Staff Sports Day will be held at the same time. View the photo report...


concert.jpgAnniversary concert Uni Ducenti

16 Mai 2017, Bozar, Brussels

The choir and orchestras of Ghent University and the Université de Liège hold a prestigious concert in Bozar to celebrate the collective founding of the two universities. View the aftermovie... - View the photo report...


fiets2.jpgWillem I Bike Ride

16 September 2017, Gent en Luik

A symbolic sporting bike ride with cyclists starting in Ghent and finishing in Liège. With a festive and joyful reception upon arrival. 



boekentoren.jpgExhibition ‘city and university since 1817’

6 October 2017- 28 March 2018, STAM

The city is celebrating together with the university, whose students, professors, buildings and campuses have grown to become an integral part of the cityscape. Ghent would not be Ghent without it. An exhibition about the university, the city and especially about how they coexist. 


musea.jpgOut of the Box

6 October 2017 – 28 March 2018, city museums and Saint Bavo's Cathedral

Various pieces from academic collections will be taken out of their original context and placed in different cultural locations throughout Ghent in order to inspire reflection.


community_ballons.jpgEveryone Ghent University

8 October 2017, Gent (between Botanical Garden - Het Pand)

On the eve of the festive opening ceremonies, Ghent University embraces the city and wants everyone to get to know about what the university has to offer. From science festivals to atmospheric street performances and interactive demonstrations: it will be a unique day full of insight and discovery.  Read more...


boek.jpgHistorical book : ‘Out of the ivory tower. 200 years Ghent University’

8 October 2017

This book puts the eventful history of the university in context. The author takes the reader into the achieves and the collective memory of Ghent University and gives a voice to the people who made the university what it is today.


studentengala.jpgFoundation Gala

8 October 2017, ICC Ghent

On October 9, 2017, Ghent University is exactly 200 years old. On the eve of that birthday, and at the end of the city festival Everyone Ghent University! The ICC will be transformed into a magic location for a unique foundation gala.



vieringStichingsdag.jpgFounding day celebration and opening of the Academic year 2017-2018

9 October 2017, Aula

Experience a ‘Modern performance’ of the foundation day during the opening of the 2017-2018 academic year: ‘9 October 1817 in the year 2017’.


santander.jpgAnnual meeting of Santander group in Liège and Ghent

8 to 11 November , Gent en Luik

Annual General Meeting of rectors and representatives.


symposium.jpg‘University for You’ (U4U)

21 December, Aula

Experience a symposium on the social relevance and impact of a university. Structured around four themes: sustainability, diversity, ‘glocalisation’ and workable work.



Throughout the year 2017

Themed tours and walks

Curious to learn more about Ghent University's rich heritage? Then take part in one of the many themed tours and walks.

Stamp and coin

In honour of the 200th anniversary, bpost has issued a commemorative stamp and the National Bank of Belgium is issuing an exclusive €2 coin.

200 years of Ghent University inside and outside the City of Ghent

Ghent University's 200th anniversary is being celebrated in cooperation with various organisations at numerous events both in and far outside the city.

Founding faculties

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Law, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Sciences were at the birth of our university and are therefore also celebrating their 200th anniversaries. Discover their specific programmes in celebration of this special year.

Faculty of Arts

Series of lectures by literary alumni

Alumni who have established literary careers will be reading their own works and looking back on their time as Ghent University students, and reflecting on the role played by the university/faculty in the past and present.

Humanities in the 21st century

One-day even for academics from both within and outside of the faculty, as well as for the general public.

This event will demonstrate the crucial importance of the research and studies done by the faculty so as to understand and improve the world of the 21st century.

Faculty of Law

International symposium on the global theme of ‘Freedom under Pressure’

7 and 8 December 2017

Historical symposium Ghent

Liege 21 and 22 September 2017, Ghent and Liege

Faculty alumni party

13 May 2017

Faculty of Medecine and Health Sciences

Evening symposium “200 years of Ghent University: the Faculty of Medicine’s professors circa 1817”

27 September 2017

Faculty lesson series, “The ‘first’ thesis and language usage within the Ghent University Faculty of Medicine”

  • 6 October 2017: The first thesis defended in front of the Faculty of Medicine, by Jean Boddaert in Latin (1817), Prof. Em. Dr Robert Rubens
  • 13 October 2017: The first thesis by the first female doctor, Bertha De Vriese, in French (1905), Prof. Dr Katharina D’Herde
  • 20 October 2017: The first thesis in Dutch by Jean-Jacques Bouckaert (1931), Prof. Em. Dr Denis Clement
  • 27 October 2017: The first thesis in English by André De Schaepdryver (1959), Prof. Em. Dr Marc Bogaert, Prof. Em. Dr Norbert Fraeyman

Faculty of Sciences

Monthly lecture in the permanent education programme, which focuses on Ghent University's 200th anniversary. The following subjects will definitely be covered:

  • Magical self-repairing plastic
  • Antarctic ants, their biodiversity, reconstruction of the climate change, and ice cap dynamics
  • The many ways in which a cell can die: a molecular story with biomedical and philosophical implications
  • Potable water: how long do we have left? Sustainable water extraction - a complex problem
  • Antibody production in plants
  • Slime molds exhibition