The Ghent University Faculty of Law celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2017!

The Ghent State University was formally established on 9 October 1817 in the Troonzaal ('Throne Room') of the Ghent Town Hall. the Faculty of Law was one of its four faculties and boasted a staff of three professors, out of a total university staff numbering 14 professors and one lecturer.

In its first year the four faculties taught 190 students.

BaudeloobibliotheekThe Ghent City Council donated the site of the old jesuit cloister, between the Voldersstraat, Korte Meer and Lange Meer (currently University street), for the main campus of the university. The Faculty of Law was originally located in the Baudeloo Library (but moved to the University Street in the early 1900s).

200 years later only the Faculty of Law is still located in the historical main campus.

Today the Faculty boasts an academic staff of 70+ professors, 130 assistant professors and 55 researchers, and numbers more than 3,800 students. The Faculty of Law is not only praised for its highly acclaimed education programmes in law and criminological sciences. It is also a creative hotbed of intellectual talent and a source of critical opinions in the society at large.

In short, the faculty has, as an established member of a university of a quite respectable age, many reasons to celebrate its bicentenary. These festivities will suitably reflect the university's rich history and role within society as an institute of knowledge.

Facultaire gebouwenEvents

  • The faculty on (in Dutch only)
  • The grand Faculty Party ('Tijgerfeest') on Saturday 13 may 2017
  • 21st Maritime Symposium: 'Vlaanderen-Nederland: één poort naar Europa?' (in Dutch only)
  • Historical conference Ghent-Liège, on 20-21 September 2017 (in Dutch only)
  • International scientific conference 'Freedom Under Pressure' (7-8 December 2017)