The international conference 'Freedom Under Pressure' is organised by the Faculty of Law and Criminology of Ghent University on the occasion of the latter's bicentennial. It seeks to gather scholars and practitioners from various disciplines to discuss key fundamental rights and freedoms under pressure in 3 distinct areas:

  1. Data protection and privacy

  2. Freedom of movement in the EU

  3. Public policy meets property protection

Presentations theme 1 - Data protection and privacy

Reconciling the (extra)territorial reach of the GDPR with public international law - Brendan Van Alsenoy

Eyes wide shutContinued bulk, mass or indiscriminate collection or processing and unnecessary or disproportionate intelligence and law enforcement access and use under the Privacy Shield - Gert Vermeulen

Safeguarding privacy through effective oversight:Key findings of the FRA 2017 surveillance report - Mario Oetheimer

Social media intelligence as a practical instrument to protect national security. An empirical study on its effectiveness and its impact on the right to privacy and data protection - Elena Kaiser

Presentations theme 2 - Freedom of movement in the EU

EURODAC as an instrument of the EU return policy - Katarzyna Strak

International law and the refugee crisis: Legal duties, moral outcry - Clare Frances Moran

Free movement and cross-border crime and criminal justice - all presentations of panel 2

The Substance of Rights - New Pieces of the Ruiz Zambrano Puzzle - Hester Kroeze

Presentations theme 3 - Public policy meets property protection