Fourth Parallel Sessions 7 December 2017 - 13:30 - 15:30

 Track 1: Data protection and Privacy

Panel 9: Targeted advertising

Room: TBC

Chair: dr. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius

Mr. Willem Debeuckelaere: Privacy Commission Belgium

From hidden persuaders to hidden invaders

Dr. David Stevens: Nielsen

Targeted advertising on linear TV: an industry perspective

Prof. dr. Eva Lievens: Ghent University

Targeted advertising aimed at children: Reconciling the best interests of children and advertisers

Dr. David McGrogan: Northumbria University

The guarantee of freedom is freedom: Targeted advertising and the limits of law

Ms. Mathilde Fiquet: FEDMA

Targeted advertising, the cost of the ePrivacy Regulation"

Track 2: Limits to freedom of movement in the European Union

Panel 10: Free movement and the EU migration 'crisis'

Room: TBC

Chair: prof.dr. Ellen Desmet

Prof. dr. Maarten den Heijer: University of Amsterdam

The fight against secondary migration

Dr. Clare Frances Moran: Edinburgh Napier University

International law and the refugee crisis: Legal duties, moral outcry

Prof. dr. Katarzyna Strak: Polish Academy of Sciences

Eurodac as an instrument of the Return Policy of the European Union

Ms. Joyce De Coninck: Ghent University

Oscillating between the various freedoms and values of the European Union: Securitization of the external border to unravel effective human rights protection?

Track 3: Public policy meets property protection

Panel 11: Targeted financial sanctions as a foreign policy tool

Room: TBC

Chair: prof. dr. Tom Ruys
Mr. Stephan Marquardt: European External Action Service (EEAS)

The role of the High Representative and the European External Action Service in EU sanctions policy. Possibilities for improving the review process at EU level

Dr. Kushtrim Istrefi: Riga Graduate School of Law

The power of judicial restraint: Al-Dulimi's contribution to Security Council sanctions decision-making reform

Ms. Claudia Candelmo: University of Rome

Manifest error in the assessment of facts: A lesson from the European Union case law on wrongful listing

Ms. Alexandra Hofer: Ghent University

Public policy as an incentive to adopt and resist targeted sanctions