Bridge the Gap between Academic and Professional Sector

(29-08-2019) In October 2016 Ghent University joined the SIMPLE project (Erasmus+ project, co-funded by the European Union)

The objective of the project is the encouragement of cooperation between the academic sector (HEIs) and the professional sector in the area of agriculture and life sciences in selected Asian countries (Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand), leading to enhanced employability of the respective universities.

One of the main findings is the need for a continuous cooperation between Alumni Center and Career Center, in the framework of effective involvement of the professional sector.

During the Final Conference (Bangkok, August 27th), in the presence of representatives of the Belgian Embassy Ms. Katrien Verdoodt and Ms. Zoë Lemaire, the final results of the project have been presented.

Examples of good practices, handbooks and other information can be found on

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