Join the new VLIR Institutional University Cooperation with Vietnam


The application procedure for new VLIR Institutional University Cooperation (VLIR-IUC) programmes has yielded 8 candidates out of which only one in Asia, namely with Quy Nhon University, Vietnam (QNU) on 'Improving livelihoods and living conditions by the sustainable development of the South Central Coast and Central Highlands of Vietnam through enhancing the capacity of Quy Nhon University'. The Flemish coordinator will most likely be Prof Kristiaan Temst (Department of Physics and Astronomy, KULeuven) but, as these programmes are inter-universitary by definition, UGent interested parties are warmly encouraged to express their interest to participate.

Executive summary
This programme aims to sustainably develop the region by boosting the livelihoods of local farmers and living conditions of local residents through the capacity enhancement of Quy Nhon University (QNU) in applied science, particularly in food science, environment and renewable energies. The strategic aims include (i) improving a flood early warning capability and climate change adaptation; (ii) enhancing the efficiency of solar energy and biogas production used in farming by employing novel nanomaterials; (iii) increasing the value of regional fruits by using natural-based post-harvest processes; and (iv) maximizing local farmers' benefits by consulting and instructing them about risk assessment and risk management obtained from research on a safe agricultural supply chain. At the institutional level, this programme focuses on two objectives: (i) establishing an effective and efficient waste management system at the entire university; (ii) modernizing and digitalizing university student services including implementing an e-mail system, e-learning, and an e-library.

Read the concept note (pdf, 500KB)

Should you be interested to play a role in this programme, contact without delay.