NEW: e-visa for Belgian citizens traveling to Vietnam

(11-04-2019) As from February 2019, Belgian citizens traveling to Vietnam can now apply for an e-visa, thus saving considerable time at the airport of arrival.

As from February 2019, Belgian citizens traveling to Vietnam can now apply for an e-visa*. This means: bye-bye prior trips to the Vietnamese embassy (or the expensive visum services by your travel agency), bye-bye tedious waiting lines at the visa-on-arrival booth in the airport of arrival.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Complete the application at
    • cost standard (5d delivery) express (2d delivery)
      Tourist 54 EUR 74 EUR
      Office/Business 64 EUR 84 EUR
    • it is strongly recommended to apply for an 'office' visa (option: office, non-government, economic/cultural/technology organization) and not a tourist visa. Especially when you will do fieldwork, your host needs to declare local travel destinations and may get into trouble if you travel on a tourist visa.
    • prepare a scan (in JPG or PNG, not PDF!) of your passport page and a passport picture, you will need to upload it at some point in the application
  2. You will receive your e-visa by mail. Print it, bring it and present it at the custom booth along with your passport.

Important: note that the e-visa is only valid for the entry point that you indicated in the application. If you change your itinerary, for instance from arrival in Hanoi to arrival in HCMC, you will need to apply for a new visa!

* an e-visa is equivalent to a regular visa. You apply online and receive it before traveling. Do not confuse with visa-on-arrival, which is an online application for a visa request, not the visa itself. It still requires queuing at the airport of arrival for the actual visa.