Master thesis

Future / ongoing master thesis


At the department of Agricultural Economics, you can do a Master thesis within the following fields:

  • scriptie.jpgAgribusiness marketing
  • Agricultural economics of developing countries
  • Agricultural policy
  • Agro-food marketing
  • Business-to-business marketing
  • Chain management
  • Consumer behavior
  • Development economics
  • Farm management
  • Food security and food safety
  • Innovation
  • Multifunctional agriculture
  • Rural development
  • Rural environmental economics
  • Sensory evaluation




Steps of Master thesis

If you want to make a Master thesis within the department of Agricultural Economics, follow these steps:


Before starting:

  1. Think about your interests (on our website possible themes can be found; the specific thesis topics can be found on the website of the faculty).
  2. Organise an intake with dr. ir. . At the end of the intake you will be introduced to your promotor and/or tutor.


Getting started:

  1. You discuss the thesis topic and define a working mode with your promoter.
  2. You write a research proposal including full name of the student, student number, title, promoter and tutor (including supervisors from other groups or organisations). This research proposal is sent to dr. ir. .

Elaborating a Master thesis:

  1. You should have contact with the promoter or tutor at regular times.
  2. You discuss the progress of the Master thesis with promoter or tutor and output is provided at regular times.

Finalising a Master thesis:

  1. You give the final version of the Master thesis on a predefined moment (by promoter or tutor) to the promoter and tutor. This enables the promoter and tutor to have a final review before handing in the Master thesis.
  2. You make the lay-out of the Master thesis in accordance with the regulations provided by the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (see master thesis guidelines).
  3. You hand in the Master thesis at the student administration the latest on the day that is stated within the regulations provided by the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, and provide a copy of the Master thesis to all members of the jury.


Oral examination:

  1. You present your final work in front of all jury members. The thesis defence takes 10 minutes PowerPoint presentation and 10 minutes discussion. After the defence, feedback is given to the student.


Specific thesis subjects

For specific thesis subjects, please consult the website of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering


Contact info

For more information on Master thesis, contact


Finished master theses