Ellen J. Van loo

Ellen Van LooDoctor-assistant with research assignment
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Special Research Fund (BOF), Ghent University

Agro-food marketing and consumer behaviour
Department of Agricultural Economics
Ghent University


Ellen Van Loo is a postdoctoral research fellow at Ghent University. Her research expertise is in food marketing and consumer behaviour with specific emphasis on consumer preferences, food choice and decision-making. Prior to her postdoctoral researcher appointment, she was a teaching assistant at Ghent University. Before her appointment at UGent, she was a research assistant at University of Arkansas.
Her research interests are focused on consumer research aiming to better understand consumer decision making and foster sustainable and healthy food choices. For her PhD research, she has worked extensively on the topic of sustainable food labelling and consumers' food choice. Currently, she works on several research topics related to food quality labelling such as sustainability and health labelling (BOF-project).
In her research, she incorporates insights from experimental and behavioural economics to explain consumers' food choices and valuation. Most recently, she incorporates biometric data in consumer studies to better understand human decision making (e.g. eye-tracking and other biosensors). To date, she has published over twenty peer-reviewed scientific publications.


During her current research appointment, she is still involved in education through guest lectures as well as guiding Master and PhD students. She is also a lecturer at the Ghent University Global Campus where she is lecturer for the course Economics and Marketing [O000024].
Prior to her postdoctoral researcher appointment, she was an teaching assistant at Ghent University involved in numerous courses (e.g. Food Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour and Marketing of Bioindustrial Products, Advanced Marketing and Agribusiness Management, Applied Rural Economics Research Methods, Food and Nutrition Policies, Basic Economics). As an assistant, she also tutored students for master dissertations, project work and assignments.


Consumer behaviour; Food Marketing; Food Choices; Food Labelling and Food Claims; Eye-tracking and Biometric data; Sustainable Consumption


Coupure Links 653 (Office A1.094) - B - 9000 Ghent
+32 9 264 59 25

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