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Au Ton Nu Hai finished her master in Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics in 2009. While doing literature review for her master thesis “Technical efficiency of prawn poly-culture in Tam Giang lagoon, Vietnam” she found that marine lobster aquaculture had been facing the environmental issue. She also found that DEA approach, which was used in her master thesis, can be used for evaluating environmental performance. That was her inspiration for starting her PhD in January 2016.


Title: Economic and environmental efficiency of marine cage lobster aquaculture in Vietnam

Marine cage lobster cultivation in Vietnam was established in the 1990s in the country with a production of less than 100 ton and has increased rapidly from around 17,600 cages in 2000 to more than 83,800 cages in 2017 with the annual production of 2,000 tons. The development has contributed a lot to the Vietnamese economy in alleviating poverty, increasing income, creating jobs not only for the lobster farmers but also for fingerling and trash-fish fisherman and other relevant activities in impoverished coastal communities in this country. But this uncontrolled and spontaneous increase has also resulted in pollution; spread of diseases and over the last year productivity has decreased. This research, therefore, aimed to measure the cost efficiency and environmental efficiency, and then to identify the economic-environmental trade-offs in lobster aquaculture in Vietnam. Au Ton Nu Hai finished the data collection with 353 observations in the end of 2016. She had a paper published in March 2018 titled “Analyzing the variations in cost-efficiency of marine cage lobster aquaculture in Vietnam: A two-stage bootstrap DEA approach”, and another titled “Economic-environmental trade-offs in marine aquaculture: A case study of lobster farming in Vietnamwas under review.

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economic-environmental trade-off; marine aquaculture; Data envelopment analysis; Material balance principle

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