Janet Molina

Ph.D. Candidate


Janet MolinaJanet Molina, from México, is a Ph.D. student at the ‘Economics & Management of Natural Resources’ group of the Department of Agricultural Economics. She holds an international master’s degree in Environmental Technology and Engineering (Gent University–Belgium, University of Chemical Technology-Czech Republic and IHE Institute for Water Education-The Netherlands). Before joining the Agricultural Economics department she did her master thesis at CMET – Center of Microbial Ecology and Technology about wastewater treatment. During 3 years, she gained professional experience while working for a multinational company  (Procter and Gamble). She is volunteer at Water Youth Network – NGO and co-founder of ‘Mexicans at Ghent University’ Association.


Title: Impact of frugal innovations on sustainable development: the case of innovations in the water and agricultural sectors.

Frugal innovations (FIs) are generally defined as innovations that drive substantial cost reduction, concentration on core functionalities, and optimized performance level. FIs can target BOP (Bottom-of-the-Pyramid) markets or origin from the BOP population in resource-constraint environments. The BOP is the largest but poorest socio-economic group who manages to survive every day with less than 8 USD. Due to their promise of simultaneous economic, social and environmental benefits, FIs have gained the attention of firms searching new business opportunities and policy-makers pursuing inclusive growth. However, systematic approaches are needed to evaluate and prove their impact on sustainable development in a context-level. Furthermore, FIs studies are predominantly situated in health, electric, transport, ICT and energy sectors in India and China; while less attention has been paid to the agricultural sector and innovation processes by youth and women in developing countries (México and Latin American countries).


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frugal innovation, resource-constraint, sustainable innovation, sustainable development, water, agriculture, rural areas, inclusive growth


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