Xavier Gabet

PhD candidate
Economics and management of natural resourcesXavier-Gabet.jpg
Department of Agricultural Economics
Ghent University
Coupure Links 653
Office A2.098
9000 Ghent, Belgium
+32 9 264 59 27


My name is Xavier and I’m 25. I’m originally from Brussels, where I obtained my Master’s degree of bioengineer in chemistry and bioindustries from the ULB. I enjoy travelling quite a lot and was fortunate enough to live 10 months in Australia and 6 in Southern Spain. I am now getting ready to move to Vienna for a few years, in order to pursue my research. I’m an avid reader (especially if we consider subtitles in Netflix), and I’m always up for going out for a drink or to a restaurant, when possible of course!


I’m participating in a European project called AgRefine, where we develop new technologies for green biorefineries and think about their implementation in Europe. My main task concerns the development of different integrated biorefinery archetypes and the assessment of the impacts that the biorefinery systems would have, considering social, environmental, and economic dimensions.

While in UGent, I’m further collaborating with the CMET to develop a new process for microbial protein production from grass silage.


  • Circular bioeconomy
  • Sustainability
  • Green biorefineries
  • Biomass