Modelling and Optimisation of Decisions in Economics, Resources, Nature and Agriculture

About us

The Modelling and Optimization of Decision in Economics, Resources, Nature, and Agriculture research group (moderna) is part of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University.

The main research focus within the group is to model and optimize decisions in the broad field of agricultural and environmental economics using tailored integrated models. We collaborate with a variety of regional, national and supranational institutions and regularly engage in high-level research projects.

Research domain

Developing integrated models combining biophysical and economic aspects in order to assess agricultural and environmental policies often related to the nitrogen cycle and the EU common agricultural policy

Research themes

  • Nutrient recycling & manure management
  • Environmental and agricultural policy analysis
  • Integrated modelling of economic and biophysical aspects
  • Rural development policy evaluation & design

Research projects


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