Andreas Bral

andreas-bral.jpgPhD student
MODERNA – Modelling and Optimization of Decisions in Economics, Resources, Nature and Agriculture


Andreas Bral started his PhD at the Department of Agricultural Economics in September 2014. His research interests include modelling of manure transport, nitrogen pollution and bio-economic modelling. Andreas holds a Master in Bioscience Engineering and a second Master of Arts in Music.


Andreas's research focusses on manure transport and related polices simulated by spatial price equilibrium model. He also develops integrated bio-economic models using the GAMS software

Supervision: Jeroen Buysse (Ghent University), Berenice Dupeux


Manure transport, nitrate directive, water quality, integrated bio-economic modelling, livestock farming


  • GAMS
  • R
  • Bio-economic modelling

Contact details
Coupure Links 653 (Office A1.047)
B-9000 Gent
+32 9 264 59 43