Tine Vergote

Tine VergotePhD student
POCKET POWER! – Increasing the potential of farm-scale anaerobic digestion in Flanders


Tine Vergote started her PhD in August 2016 at three different departments: the Department of Applied Analytical and Physical Chemistry, the Department of Biosystems Engineering (now both part of the Department of Green Chemistry and Technology) and the Department of Agricultural Economics. She holds a Master of Science in Bioscience Engineering, Environmental Technology (July 2016) and has a farming background. Her research interests include the link between agriculture and environment.


Her PhD research is part of the Vlaio LA-project Pocket Power, a collaboration between Ghent University and Inagro, which aims to increase the potential of farm-scale anaerobic digestion in Flanders. Specific objectives are to explore the possible transfer of the positive experiences with small-scale anaerobic digestion of cattle slurry to other agro-residues, to quantify the greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of farm-scale digesters, avoiding uncontrolled anaerobic digestion during long-term manure storage and to optimize the overall process.

Supervision: Prof. dr. ir. Erik Meers (Department of Green Chemistry and Technology, UGent), prof. dr. ir. Eveline Volcke (Department of Green Chemistry and Technology, UGent) and prof. dr. ir. Jeroen Buysse (Department of Agricultural Economics, UGent)


  • GAMS


Farm-scale anaerobic digestion, greenhouse gas emissions, modelling, process optimization, potential assessment

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