Predicting the spread pattern of centrifugal fertilizer spreaders using image processing


Centrifugal fertilizer spreaderPrecision fertilizer spreading requires well designed, calibrated and controlled fertilizer spreaders. Therefore, the objective of this research is the development of a three dimensional technique to predict the spread pattern of centrifugal fertilizer spreaders. This will be done using image processing. A high speed stereo-setup will be combined with matching image processing algorithms to determine the initial positions and velocities of individual fertilizer particles leaving the spreading disks of fertilizer spreaders. The configuration will also enable the estimation of the individual particle sizes and shapes. First, high speed cameras will be used in a controlled environment. Centrifugal fertilizer spreaderSecondly, the multi-exposure technique will be implemented based on results of a hyper-spectral analysis of fertilizer particles. The image processing algorithms will be combined with a ballistic model to predict the landing positions of the particles.




    Project administration

    Researcher: Simon CoolLogo Ilvo

    Funding: ILVO

    Project duration: 01.10.2013 - 30.09.2017