Interesting websites concerning pesticides


1. The International Symposium on Crop Protection
General information, registration info and programme of the most recent symposium on crop protection in Ghent


2. Primoris
Residue analysis of pesticides in fruits, vegetables and otherfoodstuff. Analysis of crop protection products.
Spin-off of the 'Laboratory Crop Protection Chemistry', Ghent University


3. Welcome to PEST CABWeb
Gives summaries and reviews of some interesting journals concerning pesticides. Some information is only available for members.


4. AOAC Home Page
The international organization of scientist devoted to analytical science.


5. The US Environmental Protection Agency


6. EXTOXNET - The EXtension TOXicology NETwork
Site contains Pesticide Information Profiles: toxicological and physical-chemical information.


7. PANNA's Children & Pesticides Site
Everything about pesticides and children.


8. The pesticide properties database
Site contains toxicological and physical-chemical information.


9. EU pesticides database
Website with a lot of information about pesticides and their MRL's.