Bachelor in Bioscience Engineering: Joint section

The Bachelor of Bioscience Engineering aspires to educate a polyvalent academic bachelor who is able to function within society and who has in-depth scientific background knowledge and skills concerning the living matter and engineering techniques that enables him/her to orient towards a master programme offered by the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering or (to a lesser extent) a professional environment.

The bachelor programme focuses on a broad general scientific education, that brings the students to a high level of knowledge and competences concerning the living matter and that sets the basis for a fundamental understanding of the living matter and related processes. The students are made familiar with the scientific way of thinking in different disciplines in the field of Applied Biological Sciences. In addition learning attitudes and learning skills are taught, enabling them to fully participate in a rapidly evolving society in which knowledge can be questioned, therefore an attitude of lifelong learning is required.

The department of Forest and Water Management provides the following course in the joint section of the bachelor programme:

  • Physics 4

Bachelor in Bioscience Engineering: Land and Forest Management

The link to the Master or (to a lesser extent) a professional environment, is made by five main subjects including Land and Forest Management. The link between education and research is also made clearer through these main subjects. A project work which includes a component specifically designed for each main subject and a overall component, namely methodology is offered to all students.

The department of Forest and Water Management provides several courses in the bachelor programme with main subject 'Land and Forest Management':

  • Land Information Systems
  • Vegetation Science
  • Remote Sensing
  • Basics of Forest and Wood Science