Research at the department is divided into four research domains. These domains constitute the department's four laboratories:


Forest & Nature Lab (ForNaLab)

ForNaLab has a broad experience in (i) studying (forest) vegetation dynamics at several spatio-temporal scales, with special attention for the effects of global change drivers on plant populations and community dynamics and (ii) biogeochemical cycling in (forest) ecosystems, with the focus on acidification and eutrophication processes, water- and nutrient-fluxes in ecosystems and the changing soil properties in restored, post-agricultural sites. >> More info


Laboratory of Forest management and spatial information techniques (FORSIT)

This research group focuses on remote sensing image classification, GIS and forest management planning. >> More info


Laboratory of Hydrology and water management (LHWM)

Research at LHWM focuses on the study of physical processes related to the water and energy cycle occurring at the land surface, and the techniques to monitor hydrological variables and processes at different scales. >> More info


Laboratory of Wood technology (Woodlab)

Our research focuses on wood biology and technology. >> More info