ir. Nele Defoirdt


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

ir. Nele Defoirdt

Laboratory of Wood Technology - Woodlab

Coupure Links 653

B-9000 Gent

Room A2.018

+32 (0)9 264 61 23

Nele dot Defoirdt at UGent dot be

Research topics

  • Moisture behaviour and durability of wood plastic composites and natural fibre composites
  • Colour grading of wood, influence of transparent finishes and weathering on colour
  • Bioenergy potential of wood, calorimetry related to anatomy and physical properties

Research projects

  • Advanced composites based on modified natural fibres
  • Biodegradability of wood polymer composites
  • Cultivation and processing of flax as a basis for a biobased economy in Flanders
  • Development of a systematic colour assessment for the optimisation and innovation at the production of oak wood furniture and parquet
  • Physical and calorimetric properties of various selected poplar and willow clones
  • Research on the wood quality of wild cherry (Prunus avium L.)
  • Research on the wood quality of noble and fast growing tree species