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Prof. dr. ir. Herman Van Langenhove
Room - 09/264 5953

Environmental chemistry and -technology, air pollution, odour nuisance.
Prof. dr. ir. Jo Dewulf
Room - 09/264 5949

Environmental technology and clean technology.
Prof. dr. ir. Kristof Demeestere
Room - 09/264 5965

Analysis and technology of organic minor components.
dr. ir. Rodrigo Alvarenga

Room - 09/264 5871

Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment.

Rodrigo Alvarenga
dr. apr. José Diana Di Mavungu
Room - 09/264 5998

MSsmall Facility Manager

José Diana Di Mavungo
dr. ir. Duc Hoai Do
Room - 09/264 9924

Air quality related to volatile organic compounds in indoor and outdoor environments in selected countries​.

dr. ir. Sophie Huysveld

Room - 09/264 5954

Sustainability assessment on the basis of Exergy Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

dr. ir. David Sanjuan Delmas
Room - 09/264 5998

Application of LCA to water transport infrastructures and urban agriculture systems at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and post-doc within the REPAiR project.
David Sanjuan Delmas
dr. ir. Sue Ellen Taelman
Room - 09/264 5871

Sustainability analysis of waste management in peri-uban environments: the way towards a more circular economy.
Sue Ellen Taelman
dr. ir. Christophe Walgraeve
Room - 09/264 5954

Analysis of organic micro pollutants in air, characterization of dust samples, biomonitoring, air pollution abatement, indoor & urban air quality.

ing. Emma Deniere
Room - 09/264 5998

Analytical and abatement techniques for emerging organic micropollutants in water.
Emma Deniere
MSc Sophie Sfez
Room - 09/264 9927

Biomass valorization for energy in India: potential estimation and environmental impact.
Sophie Sfez
ir. Katrijn Van Huffel
Room - 09/264 9928

Application of analytical techniques for discrimination and characterization of odour nuisance.
Scientific Staff

Msc. Kevin Emeka Agbo
Room - 09/264 5998

Chemical analysis of Indoor and outdoor air pollutants: Assessing the contribution and impact of various energy sources in Nigeria.

Kevin Agbo

ir. Lieselot Boone
Room - 09/264 5918

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of plant production systems: integration of  soil quality.

Lieselot Boone

ir. Joren Bruneel
Room - 09/264 9924

Evaluation of the removal of typical odor compounds using a bioscrubber and membrane bioreactor.

Joren Bruneel

ir. Sam Debaveye
Room - 09/264 5948

Sustainability Assessment of Pharmaceuticals: Coupling Environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Human Health Benefits.

Sam Debaveye

Msc Maria Godoy Léon
Room - 09/264 9924

Modelling of material, energy and exergy exchanges within the technosphere for the development of circularity indicators.

Maria Godoy Léon

ir. Ashley Haeck
Room - 09/264 5998

Development and application of high-resolution mass spectrometry based analytical methods to measure multiple plant hormone levels in rice.

Ashley Haeck
Msc Kenneth K'Oreje
Room - 09/264 5998

Water pollution in Kenya: chemical analysis from source to use and treatment possibilities.
Kenneth K'Oreje
Msc Gustavo Longaray Moraga
Room - 09/264 5998

Circular economy performance indicators for bio-based, metal and plastics materials.
Gustavo Longaray Moraga
MSc Duc Anh Luong
Room - 09/264 6243

Integration of Linear Inverse Models and Ecological Network Analysis into Life Cycle Assessment for fish production.
Duc Anh Luong
Msc Kamila Mascart
Room - 09/264 6243

EEE/WEEE collection, recycling and remanufacturing methods and best practices.
Kamila Mascart
ir. Pieter Nachtergaele
Room - 09/264 5918

Optimization of Fatty Acid Production from Variable Feedstocks via Process Modelling.
Pieter Nachtergaele
ir. Nils Préat
Room - 09/264 9927

Sustainability assessment of bioplastics made from microalgae. 
Nils Préat
MSc Ana Gabriela Rentería Gámiz
Room - 09/264 5948

Prospective sustainability assessment of emerging biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.
Ana Gabriela Rentería Gámiz
Msc Phuong Ha Tran
Room - 09/264 9927

Environmental impacts assessment of different electronic waste (E-waste) management scenarios in Vietnam.
ir. Francis Vanryckeghem
Room - 09/264 5948

New strategies for monitoring and risk assessment of hazardous chemicals in the marine environment with passive samplers.
Francis Vanryckeghem
Administrative & Technical Staff
Lena De Cock
Room - 09/264 5950

Lena De Cock
ing. Patrick De Wispelaere
Room - 09/264 5999

Technical staff.
ing. Lore Vandermeersch
Room - 09/264 5918

Technical staff.
Els Van Hende
09/264 6237

Technical staff.
Els Van Hende
Affiliated Researchers
Filip Bronchart

Exergy, green houses.
Filip Bronchart
Michael Chys
Ghent University  Campus Kortrijk

Ozonation of wastewater: removal of biorecalcitrant organic matter and micropollutants.


Michael Chys

Maarten Cristis

Material flow analysis in Flanders based on matrix calculations.
Steve Huysman
Ghent University - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

New strategies for monitoring and risk assessment of hazardous chemicals in the marine environment with passive samplers.


Steve Huysman

Arianna Oddo
UGent - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

New Methodologies towards Sustainability Assessments of Nanomedicine Formulations.


Arianna Oddo

Violet Oloibiri
Ghent University  Campus Kortrijk

Treatment of landfill leachate.


Violet Oloibiri