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Prof. dr. ir. Herman Van Langenhove
Room - 09/264 5953

Environmental chemistry and -technology, air pollution, odour nuisance.
Prof. dr. ir. Jo Dewulf
Room - 09/264 5949

Environmental technology and clean technology.
Prof. dr. ir. Kristof Demeestere
Room - 09/264 5965

Analysis and technology of organic minor components.
dr. ir. Rodrigo Alvarenga

Room - 09/264 5871

Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment.

Rodrigo Alvarenga
dr. ir. José Diana Di Mavungu
Room - 09/264 5998

MSsmall Facility Manager

José Diana Di Mavungo
dr. ir. Duc Hoai Do
Room - 09/264 9924

Air quality related to volatile organic compounds in indoor and outdoor environments in selected countries​.

dr. ir. Sophie Huysveld

Room - 09/264 5954

Sustainability assessment on the basis of Exergy Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

dr. ir. Sue Ellen Taelman
Room - 09/264 5871

Sustainability analysis of waste management in peri-uban environments: the way towards a more circular economy.
Sue Ellen Taelman
dr. ir. Christophe Walgraeve
Room - 09/264 5954

Analysis of organic micro pollutants in air, characterization of dust samples, biomonitoring, air pollution abatement, indoor & urban air quality.

dr. ir. Zhehan Weng
Room - 09/264 5998

Sustainable Mining, Life Cycle Impact Assessment, Critical Minerals, Economic Geology and Industrial Ecology.
Zhehan Weng
ing. Emma Deniere
Room - 09/264 5998

Analytical and abatement techniques for emerging organic micropollutants in water.
Emma Deniere
MSc Sophie Sfez
Room - 09/264 9927

Biomass valorization for energy in India: potential estimation and environmental impact.
Sophie Sfez
ir. Katrijn Van Huffel
Room - 09/264 9928

Application of analytical techniques for discrimination and characterization of odour nuisance.
Scientific Staff

Msc. Kevin Emeka Agbo
Room - 09/264 5998

Chemical analysis of Indoor and outdoor air pollutants: Assessing the contribution and impact of various energy sources in Nigeria.

Kevin Agbo

ir. Lieselot Boone
Room - 09/264 5918

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of plant production systems: integration of  soil quality.

Lieselot Boone

ir. Joren Bruneel
Room - 09/264 9924

Evaluation of the removal of typical odor compounds using a bioscrubber and membrane bioreactor.

Joren Bruneel

ir. Sam Debaveye
Room - 09/264 5948

Sustainability Assessment of Pharmaceuticals: Coupling Environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Human Health Benefits.

Sam Debaveye

Msc Maria Godoy Léon
Room - 09/264 9924

Modelling of material, energy and exergy exchanges within the technosphere for the development of circularity indicators.

Maria Godoy Léon

ir. Ashley Haeck
Room - 09/264 5998

Development and application of high-resolution mass spectrometry based analytical methods to measure multiple plant hormone levels in rice.

Ashley Haeck
Msc Kenneth K'Oreje
Room - 09/264 5998

Water pollution in Kenya: chemical analysis from source to use and treatment possibilities.
Kenneth K'Oreje
MSc Duc Anh Luong
Room - 09/264 6243

Integration of Linear Inverse Models and Ecological Network Analysis into Life Cycle Assessment for fish production.
Duc Anh Luong
Msc Kamila Mascart
Room - 09/264 6243

EEE/WEEE collection, recycling and remanufacturing methods and best practices.
Kamila Mascart
ir. Pieter Nachtergaele
Room - 09/264 5918

Optimization of Fatty Acid Production from Variable Feedstocks via Process Modelling.
Pieter Nachtergaele
ir. Nils Préat
Room - 09/264 9927

Sustainability assessment of bioplastics made from microalgae. 
Nils Préat
MSc Ana Gabriela Rentería Gámiz
Room - 09/264 5948

Prospective sustainability assessment of emerging biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.
Ana Gabriela Rentería Gámiz
Msc Phuong Ha Tran
Room - 09/264 9927

Environmental impacts assessment of different electronic waste (E-waste) management scenarios in Vietnam.
ir. Francis Vanryckeghem
Room - 09/264 5948

New strategies for monitoring and risk assessment of hazardous chemicals in the marine environment with passive samplers.
Francis Vanryckeghem
Administrative & Technical Staff
Lena De Cock
Room - 09/264 5950

Lena De Cock
ing. Patrick De Wispelaere
Room - 09/264 5999

Technical staff.
ing. Lies Harinck
Room - 09/264 5998

Technical staff.
Lies Harinck
ing. Lore Vandermeersch
Room - 09/264 5918

Technical staff.
Els Van Hende
09/264 6237

Technical staff.
Els Van Hende
Affiliated Researchers
Argiro Adamopoulou
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) - Operational Directorate Natural Environment -ODNature

Passive sampling for analysis of priority and emerging pollutants in sea water.
Argiro Adamopoulou
Filip Bronchart

Exergy, green houses.
Filip Bronchart
Michael Chys
Ghent University  Campus Kortrijk

Ozonation of wastewater: removal of biorecalcitrant organic matter and micropollutants.


Michael Chys

Maarten Cristis

Material flow analysis in Flanders based on matrix calculations.
Steve Huysman
Ghent University - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

New strategies for monitoring and risk assessment of hazardous chemicals in the marine environment with passive samplers.


Steve Huysman

Arianna Oddo
UGent - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

New Methodologies towards Sustainability Assessments of Nanomedicine Formulations.


Arianna Oddo

Violet Oloibiri
Ghent University  Campus Kortrijk

Treatment of landfill leachate.


Violet Oloibiri