Administration upon your arrival

Upon your arrival, you'll need to take care of following administrative steps:

Step A: Enrol at Ghent University

Online enrolment prior to your arrival

Admitted students (those who have received a Letter of Admission from the Registrar's Office) need to enrol online. This can be done by sending an e-mail to, between August 10th and September 18th 2020. Enrolled students will receive a UGent login for access to all UGent digital platforms, which you will need for further administration.

Enrolment confirmation and student card

During the weeks following your arrival you will have to physically present yourself at Registrar’s Office (UFO building, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33) for enrolment at Ghent University (opening hours: 10 am - 4 pm, take a ticket at the ticket dispenser in the entrance hall and await your turn). You will receive your student card on the spot.

Bring following documents:

  • UGent admission letter
  • Passport
  • Address in Ghent
  • Any additional document mentioned on your admission letter (check this carefully!)
Failure to submit any of the documents mentioned in your admission letter will automatically result in your inability to enrol at Ghent University and the migration office!

Step B: Register at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

As from September 7th, present yourself at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Coupure Links 653, building A, ground floor (exact room and opening hours to be confirmed) to handle some administrative issues.

The following administration will be taken care of:

  • registration at the migration office = application for residence permit
  • information about insurances
  • information about bank account
  • any other (administrative) business you would like to see clarified

Step C: Registration at the migration office of city you will reside (Ghent or other)

Within 8 days upon arrival in Belgium, ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS are obliged to register at the Migration Counter of the city they live in (most likely but not necessarily Ghent). This step is very important as a student’s legal status in Belgium and all Schengen countries depends on it.

Students residing in Ghent can register online. Make sure you have following documents at hand in digital format:

  • Scan of passport (can be retrieved from econsort)
  • Scan of Visa type D (can be retrieved from econsort)
  • UGent enrolment certificate (download pdf from Oasis)
  • Scholarship agreement or proof of financial means (can be retrieved from econsort)
  • Health insurance (only for European students)

Since you will need to upload your UGent enrolment certificate in order to finish the online procedure, you can only start this registration after you have taken care of the UGent enrolment (Step A). 

Students residing outside Ghent will have to present themselves physically at the migration office of the municipality of their residence within 8 working days after their arrival.

If you are in doubt, we will gladly help you out ()!

Step D: Register for insurance (health & civil liability)

All students, both European and non-European, are absolutely required to have a valid health insurance (sickness and disability). In addition, students should make sure they are adequately insured against accident, injury (i.e. civil liability insurance), repatriation, etc. Through your enrolment as a student, you are automatically insured by Ghent University as regards ‘physical accidents during university activities’ as well as ‘civil liability during university activities’ (which does not include, however, the journey to and from such university activities).