Interlibrary Loan

How to request for a book or an article that is not available in the Faculty Library:

As a student or as a staff member at Ghent University, you can make a request for an interlibrary loan in 2 different ways:

1. SFX

• Search a database (Web of Science, …) for an article you wish to consult.
• Click on the SFX buttonSFX afbeelding
• Search for the article in a Ghent University Library
• If the article is not available, select "Request document via Document Delivery Service (Aleph)"
• Log in with your UGent account
• Fill in the web form and click on ‘go’

2. Catalogue Ghent University Library
• Click in the menu on top on ‘Aleph’ or ‘my library account’ and log in with your UGent password
• Click on ‘Interlibrary (ILL)’
• Choose ‘book’ or ‘article’
• Fill in the web form and click on ‘go’
• You receive confirmation that your request has been registrated. On ‘My account’ you can follow the status of your requests.
• Click here for more information about interlibrary loan.