BNS conference

For whom?

Students from MSc Bioscience Engineering - Food Science and Nutrition or other food related master programmes at our Faculty


The BNS (Belgian Nutrition Society) is an interdisciplinary network of Belgian scientists active in the field of human nutrition.

Every year the BNS-day takes place. The BNS-day is a scientific symposium where all players on nutrition and health in our country (researchers, industry and government) gather to discuss a current topic on nutrition and health.

Presentations of 4 invited experts are supplemented by shorter presentations and posters made by doctoral students and postdocs active in research in the field of nutrition and health in Belgium.

Language of instruction is English.


The next Belgian Nutrition Society annual conference will be held on 18 November 2020 at Provinciehuis Leuven.

The exact program will be announced via the BNS website:

If the conference does not take place due to COVID,  then 'Seminar' will be organized online. 

Practical information

Students from the MSc Bioscience Engineering - Food Sciences and Nutrition or other food related programs can attend this symposium (registration is 25 Euro + transport to Brussels and back). Register with  Mrs. Anne Opsomer (Block B, 3rd floor, room B3.020).



Prof. dr. John Van Camp will organize a journal club in the month of December 2020 (on appointment). 

Participating students need to choose one representative scientific A1 publication written by one of the 4 experts who gave a presentation at the symposium. A summary of this publication has to made by the students, which is then discussed in group together with the staff of the research group.

Assessment will be based on participation at the symposium, the choice and summary of the selected publication, and the discussion during the journal club.


For more information contact Prof. John Van Camp (