Industrial Water Production and Treatment

Target Group

environmental technology, chemistry and bio-process technology, land and water management, PhD students (Doctoral Schools)


dr. ir. Marjolein Vanoppen,


industrial water treatment, drinking water, process water, innovative technologies and applications


Advanced course to familiarize the students with actual full-scale practices and show them how basic concepts are applied in practice in line with regulation.

Advised prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of water treatment technologies.

Proposal planning

Planning as a weekly class of 2 hours in between other courses in the second semester. If necessary, the lectures will be captured on video and shared through Ufora.

Practical arrangements will be made in the first semester: the students who chose the topic will be contacted and an appropriate moment for the lectures will planned based on their availability.

Additional activity: 1 day excursion to an industrial site, to be determined in collaboration with Evides and planning to be determined in agreement with the students. First option is to visit the Nieuwe Dokken site (DuCoop).


Group task with peer assessment; the students will be assigned a group task for which they will prepare a short paper. The groups will present their papers end will review each other’s papers and presentations. The final grade will take into account the delivered work and the quality of the peer review given and received, and will be determined by the course responsible. Exact content of the assignment is to be determined together with the students during the first lecture. This way of working not only broadens the knowledge of the students regarding industrial applications of novel technologies, but also their sense of organization and responsibility and their writing and presentation skills.


Session 1:

Introduction + practical arrangements

Interaction of Technology and Process Automation (Evides)

Session 2

Closing the urban water cycle - the 'Nieuwe Dokken' (DuCoop)

Session 3

The value of modelling on an Industrial scale (AM-Team)

Session 4

How to translate best practice into legislation (Flemish Government)

Session 5

Indirect potable reuse at the Flemish coast (IWVA)

Session 6

Membrane applications in process water (BlueFoot Membranes)

Session 7

Drinking water production: central or decentral? (De Watergroep) 

Session 8

The water cycle on a big chemical site (USG)

Session 9

Proces water treatment and its Applications (Evides)

Excursion 'Nieuwe Dokken'