Learning Track Counselling

What is a Learning Track Counsellor?

A Learning Track Counsellor is member of the Faculty monitoring service within the Faculty Office of Educational Support who provides students with information, advice, and assistance with regard to the various aspects of their study career: study progress, selection processes, reorientation and personalized learning tracks. S/he also acts as contact persons between students and academic staff and, if necessary, can refer students to the appropriate services or bodies

Below you find an overview of the topics for which you can contact the learning track counsellor.

Enrolment for course units

You do not want to obtain a diploma (only credit certificates for the course unit)


Special Status for Students




Questions? Contact the Learning Track Counsellor!



  • Campus Kortrijk (Industrial Engineering):
    • Jan De Smet (all students from the 1st year bachelor and all Biochemistry students from the 2nd year onwards)
    • Pascal Dejans (Chemistry students from the 2nd year onwards)
    • Diederik Rousseau (Environmental Science students from the 2nd year onwards)