Biotechnology platform seminar: Aerolis

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Students, Employees
23-11-2018 from 12:30 to 13:30
Campus Coupure, building E, auditorium E5
Prof. Marjan De Mey
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The Biotechnology research platform at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering organizes a series of seminars.

On November 23, the UGent Biodesign Challenge team will present their project Aerolis which competed in the Biodesign Challenge 2018.

The Aerolis project

The Aerolis project is an air purifying biological artwork for urban and industrial environments that mimics the natural air purifying functionality of tree bark.

The 3D structure is based on algorithmic design, incorporating data on wind velocities and directions and grows in harmony with its surroundings. Its surface is biofunctionalized with tailor-made microorganisms that break down air pollutants in urban and industrial environments.

The Biodesign Challenge

The Biodesign Challenge is an international competition where biotechnology is presented through art.

The goal is to work out a biotechnological solution for a social problem and model and develop this design. The best teams are selected to present their design in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA, New York) during the Biodesign Challenge Summit.


The seminar is free, though registration is mandatory.