Food for the future: Sarton Lecture by prof. Louise Fresco

17-02-2023 from 13:30 to 14:30
Campus Coupure - auditorium Oehoe
Monica Höfte

The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering warmly invites you to the Sarton Lecture by Professor Louise Fresco, world authority on sustainable food supply. This lecture will be held in English and conclude afterwards with a short reception in Agora (block E).

louisefresco2.jpgEvery year, the Sarton Committee, named after UGent alumnus and one of the founding fathers of science history as an academic discipline George Sarton, selects a chair holder and several medal holders. This year, the 37th Sarton Chair in History of Science will be awarded to Professor Louise Fresco

Professor Louise Fresco is an authority on sustainable food supply. She chaired the Board of Governors of Wageningen University & Research and was a professor at the same institution. She is also active as a columnist, writer and speaker. (Photo: Jeroen Oerlemans)

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