Seminar: The Ubuntu of water: using aquatic ecosystems for enhancing urban space in a changing climate

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Students, Employees, Alumni
20-11-2017 from 12:00 to 13:00
Building F, room 0.1, Campus Coupure, Ghent
Jean Dhont
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Seminar by Dr Jerome Davis, Founder/Director of EcoPools, Capetown, South-Africa


EcoPools is a company that specialises in natural swimming pools, that use a planted ecosystem to filter the water instead of traditional chlorine or salt.

'Keeping pools clean and usable in a drought is not feasible. We use innovative methods to convert pools into freshwater reservoirs that store rainwater and processed grey water. They keep the water clean and clear for reuse in the house and they are very pretty additions to the garden, attracting birds, insects and frogs. Especially now that Cape Town is facing a devastating drought, Cape Town may be the first modern city ever to completely run out of water. I will be telling this story and more about EcoPools and the other things we do.’

Dr Davis holds an MSc in Aquaculture (Rhodes University, South-Africa) and a PhD in Bioengineering at Ghent University. His accumulated aquaculture and permaculture knowledge and experience resulted in the establishment of EcoPools.  The Cape Town based organization is now the leading natural swimming pool company in Southern Africa, with partners in Johannesburg, Brazil, England and the Czech Republic.


Attendance is free, but please register here.