4 scientists of our faculty listed as Highly Cited Researcher

Nico Boon, Guy Smagghe, Wim Verbeke & Willy Verstraete (large view)

Nico Boon, Guy Smagghe, Wim Verbeke & Willy Verstraete

(28-11-2018) Nico Boon, Guy Smagghe, Wim Verbeke and Willy Verstraete are listed as Highly Cited Researcher 2018.

In 2001 Thomson Reuters (now “Clarivate Analytics”) started this exclusive list based on the highest number of top publications. The citation analysis identifies influential researchers as determined by their peers around the globe.

Highly Cited Researchers represent 0,1% of the global research population, based on citations in Web of Science in their respective science domain.

This year, 65 researchers are listed in Belgium. 21 of them are affiliated to Ghent University, and 4 of them are part of our faculty of Bioscience Engineering.

Prof. Nico Boon (Cross-Field)

Nico Boon studies microbial communities in natural and industrial ecosystems. In our current bio-economy, microbial processes are prefered to chemical or physical processes, for example in water treatment and in the production of drinking water.

Controlling these complex microbial processes in a sustainable way is an important challenge for engineers and scientists.

Prof. Guy Smagghe (Plant & Animal Science)

Guy Smagghe's research is about insects with an important role in agriculture and food production. He studies how to control harmful insects in an environmentally friendly way, and how to maintain our wild bees, bumblebees and solitary bees. Their health and pollination are of key importance for sustainable food production in a changing climate and for a growing world population.

Prof. Wim Verbeke (Agricultural Sciences)

Wim Verbeke researches consumers' behaviour towards agricultural production and food. Main topics are sustainability, safety and health, related to technologies, production processes and food.

A better understanding of decision processes and the influence of personal and surrounding factors is crucial to stimulate healthy and sustainable food choices and production systems.

Em. prof. Willy Verstraete (Environment/Ecology)

Willy Verstraete is an authority in the field of processes and applications of micro-organisms in soil, drinking water, waste, biofuel, water treatment and fermentation. The last years he has focused his research on the application of microbial processes in the circular economy.

His research on microbial protein produced with recovered nutrients and CO2 is being cited more and more among researchers around the world.

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