200 foreign students start studying at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University

(03-09-2018) On September 5th, 127 students from 40 different, mostly developing countries will start their master’s program at the International Training Centre (ITC) of the faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University.

Later this month, 80 exchange students from all over the world will join the faculty too. “Educating students as a way of development is still one of the most valuable, sustainable and socially supported ways of development,” says Wim Hoste, executive manager of the ITC.

Thousands of young people are coming our way as refugees, hoping for a better life in Europe. “This is not a lasting solution, neither for a short nor a longer period of time” says Wim Hoste.

“A better solution is to invest in young people and thus to invest in the development of the country, in this case by means of a Belgian top product: our high- quality education”, Hoste adds. “Education diminishes poverty rates and prevents radicalization.”

On Wednesday September 5th, 127 international master students start in BePrep, a three-week course that will prepare them for their individual master programmes. All continents are represented: Asia (27 students), Africa (47 students), North America (1 student), South America (37 students), Europe (14 students) and Australia (1 student). Among the Beprep students, we find people from several conflict regions:  Sudan, Myanmar and Pakistan, to name a few. Highly represented countries are Kenya, Uganda and Ecuador.

On the opening day of Beprep, September 5th, students will participate in several interactive and animated sessions like:

  • 10u35: “Culture shock: the international student experience”
  • 11u35: “Traffic Rules”
  • 15u15: “Dutch language teaser.”

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  • Wim Hoste, executive manager International Training Centre
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