Jorien Favere receives the Ernest du Bois prize

(03-12-2020) Ir. Jorien Favere (Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering) received the 2020 Ernest du Bois prize for her research on microbial drinking water quality.

Jorien FavereThis prestigious prize is annually awarded by the King Baudouin Foundation to PhD students whose research aims at improving water quality and its availability on a global level. Jorien gained €20.000 for her project “managing biostability and biosafety of drinking water”.

With a rapidly growing population and climate change, it becomes a bigger challenge to guarantee the production of high-quality drinking water. Alternatively to current disinfection methods, producing biostable drinking water is getting more and more attention, as this approach guarantees that there is no change in the microbial water quality during distribution. In her PhD research, Jorien is developing a new technology to produce safer and biostable water using hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria. This way, the microbial drinking water quality at the tap is guaranteed in a sustainable way. 

Jorien works in close collaboration with the Flemish drinking water sector (Aquaflanders). Her research contributes to a larger SBO project called BIOSTABLE (FWO), which started recently and combines the efforts of numerous disciplines and researchers within the CAPTURE research platform.”

Jorien is now finishing her second year of doctoral research (Promotors: Prof. dr. ir. Nico Boon, Prof. dr. ir. Bart De Gusseme and Prof. dr. ir. Andreja Rajkovic) at CMET and LFMFP, at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. She is currently developing the reactor technology on a lab scale.


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Ir. Jorien Favere

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