Chiara and Norah launch their own start-ups

(27-09-2022) Chiara Guidi and Norah Benmeridja both launched a business idea - and won!

In February, Chiara and Norah (both working at the Department of Biotechnology) embarked on Expedition DO! With this programme, Ghent University offers students and researchers the chance to master some entrepreneurial skills. Together with 14 other teams, the two researchers were professionally coached for six months.

At the finals on October 4, they both received a prize for their business idea. On top of that, Chiara also won the second prize of the Nutreco Young Researcher's Prize.

Norah Benmeridja (Carotein)

With my project Carotein, I turn waste into food, by using microorganisms that convert biogas into high-quality protein. The microbial protein is a high protein source with a content up to 75%, containing all essential amino acids and similar composition as fishmeal.

With Carotein, Norah won the first prize of Expedition DO!: a starting capital of € 5.000.

Chiara Guidi (B-COS)

With my start-up B-COS, I want to offer tailor-made and natural alternatives to antibiotics in animal feed. These alternatives are made from engineered bacteria.

With B-COS Chiara won the Ghent University TechTransfer prize of € 2.000 starting capital and access to the 'Venture Track', a process for entrepreneurial researchers at Ghent University who are aiming to set up a spin-off company.

Chiara Guidi wins 2nd prize of Nutreco's Young Researcher PrizeOn 11 October, Chiara was also awarded the second prize of the Nutreco Young Researcher's Prize: an amount of € 8.000, which she will use to kick off her first financial and business plans.