Record number of international students

(12-10-2022) Never before have so many international students enrolled in a programme at our faculty as in this academic year.

Out of more than 4,000 applicants for admission to an international master's program at our faculty, 260 new international master students enrolled.

Together with the 222 international students in the second master's year, the 10 incoming students from at the Global Campus in South Korea and the 115 incoming exchange students, they make up almost half of the total number of master's students at the faculty.

The largest group comes from India, followed by Bangladesh, China and the Philippines. Almost 40% of international students come from Asia, followed by 22% from Europe, 21% from Africa and 8% from South America.

An increasing number of Belgian students are also showing their interest in international programmes: 24 Belgians enrolled, 19 of them Flemish students.

Finally, twins are also showing a striking interest in our programmes. After Moroccan twins last year, this year it is the turn of twins from Uzbekistan!

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Wim Hoste
Coordinator of the International Training Centre at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering