5 teams selected for best research proposal on Sustainable Development Goals

(12-03-2018) The teams were selected for submitting the best transdisciplinary research proposal on Sustainable Development Goals in a contest organised by the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. The winner will be selected on March 22nd.

The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering and its Natural Capital Research Platform will award an honorary doctorate to prof. Johan Rockström (Stockholm Resilience Centre) on March 23 this year.

On March 22 the faculty and the research platform organize a seminar and this research proposal contest, highlighting the importance of transdisciplinary research to address the global challenges, among others articulated in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Johan Rockström’s ‘Planetary Boundaries’-concept.

23 proposals were submitted for the contest. Five of them were selected for the shortlist.


These five teams were selected to present their research proposal:

1. SILVA – Sustainable Innovative Lignocellulosic biomass Value chains

  • Angelo Viola
  • Anouk Mertens
  • Caleb Elijah Egene
  • David De Pue
  • Moritz Gallei

2. Grey areas of green revolutions: a transdisciplinary analysis of rare mineral use for green technologies

  • Elvira De Cauter
  • Frederik De Roeck
  • Haben Blondeel
  • Jonathan Janssens
  • Sanne Van Den Berge

3. ICTs4Ag: a co-designed and farmer-driven decision support system towards improved water-use efficiency & climate resilience in rural communities of México and Latin-America

  • Janet Molina
  • Fatemeh Taheri
  • Gónzalo Villa
  • Wouter Vanhove
  • Cristian Jordan

4. Coupling agriculture and ecology to develop sustainable business models for Flemish farmers

  • Anton Christiaens
  • Sam Desiere
  • Ilse Vanhoutte
  • Pieter Vangansbeke

5. A blockchain based marketplace for CO2 emissions and other utilities

  • Dries Seuntjens
  • Burcu Nur Keceli

Award on March 22nd

During face-to-face meetings on March 22nd, the five teams will briefly present their proposal and will get individual feedback from Prof. Johan Rockström (Stockholm Resilience Center), Prof. Johan Bouma (Wageningen University), and Prof. Eric Davidson (University of Maryland).

At the end of the session, the winner will be announced and handed over the award of 750 euros.

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