Students participate in UN symposium on sustainable food systems

(29-11-2016) On 1 and 2 December students of Ghent University participate in the United Nations Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition in Rome.

At the symposium, two student representatives, Emily Callahan (MSc. Nutrition and Rural Development) and David Abana (ITP Food Safety) will discuss and voice ideas and concerns about sustainable food systems for healthy diets and improved nutrition with other student representatives from 7 other universities, as well as international experts in the field.

Broadcast in Ghent

Ghent University will also be broadcasting the opening ceremony and keynote speech on campus on Thursday December 1.

On Friday December 2 during the student discussion with the panel of international experts, students from the MSc. in Nutrition & Rural Development as well as the ITP in Food Safety will be virtually present at the conference via video conferencing. These students on campus will also have the opportunity to present their ideas and ask questions to the experts as representatives from our university.

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