15 years of cooperation with University of Arkansas

(27-09-2019) Ghent University and the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture celebrate 15 years of cooperative research and education.

A delegation of our faculty visited the Don Tyson Center for Agricultural Sciences at the University of Arkansas to celebrate both a long-running student exchange program and successful faculty collaboration.

The agenda included an evaluation of the current status of the partnership, with a view toward how it might be enhanced in the future. This involves developing new creative ventures to improve student experiences and research, and further strengthen ties between the  institutions. 

The event represented a unique opportunity for students to learn about novel international study opportunities, and for the faculty to network and develop research collaborations.

"Our collaboration with the University of Arkansas has been very productive with about 100 student exchanges, 50 joint-publications, 14 short courses, and several study abroad programs during the past 15 years," said Professor Koen Dewettinck (Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health).  "We are excited to celebrate our collaboration and explore future opportunities." 

Study abroad opportunities for the students of Arkansas include a range of options from a short two-week “Sustainability Course” at our faculty in Ghent, to semester-long experiences or longer as part of a dual-degree program or a “stand-alone” research experience as part of an honors project, master's degree thesis or doctoral work.      

The relationship began around 2004 with a dual-degree program in agricultural economics and bioresources student exchange program and short courses.

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