Cocoa and chocolate processing workshop starts on May 8th in Ghent

(05-05-2017) From May 8th until May 19th, this workshop welcomes participants from all over the world in Ghent to learn more about cocoa and chocolate.

The workshop provides both theoretical and practical knowledge on cocoa and chocolate processing, and is organized every two years by the Laboratory of Food Technology Engineering at Ghent University in collaboration with Cacaolab.

Chocolate processing in developing countries

Emphasis is laid on various possibilities for local processing in developing countries, more specifically, on small scale processing with appropriate technologies. Together with a fundamental scientific approach, the whole chain approach is covered- starting from cocoa to the final chocolate product with Belgian expertise.

Participants this year come from South America (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru), Asia (Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia), Europe (Belgium, Spain, Sweden) and Africa (Kenya) - most of whose work are closely related to the production of cocoa and/or chocolate or an extension to its applications.


Aftermovie of the 2015 cocoa workshop at Ghent University

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