Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) entails all actions needed to ensure that data are secure, easy to find, understand, and (re)use, not only during a research project, but also in the longer term.

According to the RDM policy of Ghent University researchers are encouraged (and sometimes obliged) to write a Data Management Plan (DMP) at the start of their research, to carefully manage and store their research data during their research, and to preserve (and to the extent possible) share relevant data for verification and reuse purposes after their research. If applicable, researchers also need to take into account the RDM requirements of external funding agencies and publishers, as well as relevant legislation (such as the GDPR).

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Past Trainings

How to write a Data Management Plan - 14 December 2020

In this training, it is explained how research data management can be planned, how to write a data management plan (DMP) and which guidelines and regulations to comply with. The training is targeted to all researchers that are or will be writing a DMP for their project or fellowship as well as promotors and supervisors of these researchers.

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