Procedure for the reimbursement of financial support granted by the Commission of Scientific Research (CWO)

Different procedures apply for the reimbursement of starting grants (to starting professors and doctor-assistants in their first term) and other forms of financial support granted by the CWO.

The request for reimbursement of the actual expenses must be submitted within 3 months after approval by the Faculty Board OR within 3 months after travelling abroad. This requirement is in force since May 10th, 2017.

Starting grants to doctor-assistants in their first term

The applicant is informed about the approval of the grant by the CWO secretariat. Subsequently, the applicant provides the detailed information of a personal E/01-budget element to The grant will be transferred internally to this E/01-budget element.

If you do not yet have a personal E/01-budget
The application form for such an E-budget can be found on this page (Dutch only)
Once the form has been completed and signed, it should be sent to Helmut Leydens of the Financial Department.
The personal starting grant approved by the CWO can be used as reference to apply for this E-budget.

Other forms of financial support by the CWO

General principles

Expenses are first paid or reimbursed to the applicant by the department of the applicant or his/her supervisor.

Whether or not an expense is eligible for reimbursement by the CWO is determined according to the rules and regulations.

Applications made before 01/01/2020

Reimbursement of eligible expenses is based on the expenses booked in SAP. This means that internal reimbursement by the CWO to the applicant's department is only possible if a real expense in SAP has booked. If no real expenses have been booked in SAP, the CWO cannot reimburse. 

As example

The CWO has granted an amount of 2.600 EUR for a long study leave of 2 months outside of Europe, consisting of 1.000 EUR for travel expenses (real expenses) and 1.600 EUR for accommodation expenses (lump sum). The study leave lasted indeed 2 months. 

Reimbursement of the travel expenses

The invoice of 1.100 EUR for the flight was paid directly by the department of the applicant from one of its budgets. If this budget element was different from an E-element, the relevant amount of money should be transferred to an E/...../01 element before forwarding the required information and documents (see further) to
After verification by the CWO secretariat of the accompanying documents, the granted amount of 1.000 EUR for travel expenses is internally reimbursed to the given E/...../01 budget element. 

Reimbursement of accommodation expenses

The applicant has paid the hotel or other accommodation expenses himself. According to the procedure, the department of the applicant reimbursed these expenses to the applicant for a total amount of 1.200 EUR. These expenses were booked in SAP.
The applicant or his secretariat forwarded the required information and documents (see further) to  
The CWO secretariat internally reimbursed the amount of 1.200 EUR to the given E/...../01 budget element. 
So, in this case the CWO secretariat will only reimburse the amount of 1.200 EUR that was paid to the applicant and booked in SAP, not the total amount of 1.600 EUR that was approved for accommodation.

Only if an amount of, at least, 1.600 EUR of accommodation expenses had been paid to the applicant by his department, the total amount of the approved 1.600 EUR would have been refunded by the CWO. 

The CWO will not reimburse more than the amount of eligible expenses that has been booked effectively by the department.

Procedure to request internal reimbursement

For applications made in the new database, please hand in your expenses and E/...../01 budget element for internal reimbursement in your application.
  1. After assessment of the application by the CWO and after confirmation of its advice by the Faculty Board, the CWO secretariat informs the applicant by e-mail with the result of his/her application.
  2. To request internal reimbursement, the applicant (or his secretariat) sends an e-mail to  containing:
    • the name of the applicant,
    • the application type (bvb conference expenses, long study leave, …),
    • if multiple applications within the same category by the same applicant were assessed during one single CWO meeting, the e-mail clarifies to which application the internal reimbursement applies to,
    • a table with the following information:
    • Approval date DD/MM/YYYY
      Approved grant Total amount: € ...........
      Date Faculty Board (for page charges, starting grants) DD/MM/YYYY
      Date congress, master leave, incoming researchers DD/MM/YYYY
      E/...../01 budget element for internal reimbursement

      Overview relevant expenses:

      Long study leave: travel + accommodation

      Sabbatical: travel + accommodation

      Congress: travel + registration

      Master: travel + insurance

      ATP: travel + registration


      Total travel expenses: € ..........

      Total registration costs: € ...........

      Total accommodation expenses: € ..........

      Sum: € ..........

    • In one pdf attachment the relevant documents such as:
    • missing documentation from the application. In this case, the CWO approval would have been conditional and the communication of the approval would clearly outline the missing information (e.g. proof of oral presentation or poster contribution as presenting author),
    • SAP-documentation for each of the reimbursable expenses (please ask support from your department secretary),
    • a scan from the invoices from the reimbursable expenses (please ask support from your department secretary).
Please do not submit non-relevant documents, such as invoices that are not reimbursed (visa, cancellation insurance, vaccinations, lunch, gala dinners, chocolates, books, accommodation if not granted, ...), information about other trips or expenses from other persons. Adding these non-relevant documents affects the time for reimbursement and leads to unnecessary e-mail flows or phone calls.