Conference expenses


The Scientific Research Committee (CWO) wishes to provide financial support to researchers for their active participation in congresses with international renown.


(see faculty regulations for the mobility fund, Article 5 [Dutch only])

Who can apply?

  • All predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers at the FBE are eligible.
  • A parallel application for the corresponding type of funding from the FWO is compulsory. The result of this parallel application must be submitted to the committee before any financial support will be paid by the committee. Should FWO-funding be granted for some of the expenses, then the corresponding funding granted by the CWO is cancelled.
  • The obligation to submit this parallel application is dropped for applicants who do not meet the formal requirements to be eligible for this type of FWO-funding.
  • Should a parallel application be refused by the funding body for formal reasons, e.g. the lateness or incompleteness of the application, then the committee does not consider this a valid parallel application.

What requirements must be met by the application?

  • The applicant has to show that he or she has given or will be giving an oral presentation or a poster contribution as presenting author at the conference. Therefore the applicant submits a proof of oral presentation c.q. poster contribution as presenting author, and an abstract of this presentation.
  • A poster contribution as presenting author is only eligible for support if the conference is taking place after February 4th 2016.
  • As proof of oral presentation will be accepted: a declaration by the conference organizers that the applicant has given or will give an oral presentation, or an excerpt from the conference program clearly showing that the applicant gives an oral presentation.
  • As proof of poster contribution as presenting author will be accepted: a declaration by the conference organizers that the applicant has given or will give a poster contribution as presenting author, or an excerpt from the conference program clearly showing that the applicant gives a poster contribution as presenting author.
  • Other forms of proof may also be accepted by the committee.
  • If the requested proof is not yet available, then the committee can give a positive advice for this application under condition that the proof still needs to be submitted. The amount granted can only be paid after this proof has been submitted.
  • The approval of the committee is withdrawn if the applicant finally does not give an oral presentation c.q. a poster contribution as presenting author at this conference.

What kind of support can be granted?

  • Over the predoctoral and postdoctoral period taken together, a maximum of 1.000 euro of conference expenses can be granted to a researcher by the committee.
  • This amount can be spread over several applications.
  • The (re)funding of the expenses is always done according to the real expenses being made related to the conference participation.
  • Only the travel expenses (transport only, no visa etc.) and the registration expenses (no dinners, site seeings etc.) for the conference are eligble for (re)funding by the committee.

When can an application be submitted?

This application can be submitted throughout the year. In normal circumstances this application will be put on the agenda for the next meeting of the Committee where this application type is handled.

The application must be submitted before departure. The assessment of the application can take place during or after the conference.

Important: for each Committee meeting there is a budget limitation. During this meeting applications can be granted for max. total of this amount. The initial budget limitation can be found on the annual schedule of the Committee (in Dutch).

How to apply?

First register and afterwards complete the application form.

Annexes to be submitted?

The following annexes have to be submitted together with the application:

  • a copy of the parallel application with the FWO, together with the result of this application. If still unknown, the result can be handed in on a later date. However, this has to be done before any payment will be made by the Committee. Researchers not meeting the formal requirements to apply for this type of FWO-funding do not have to add this annex (e.g. predoctoral researchers who do not yet have an international publication).
  • a proof of the oral presentation
  • an abstract of the presentation
  • an endorsement letter


Procedure of decision making

  1. This application is scheduled for the next meeting of the Committee during which this application type is handled (see the annual schedule of the Committee).
  2. The Committee gives a positive or negative advice (that might be conditional) on the application.
  3. The Committee transmits the positive or negative advice to the Faculty Board for final decision.
  4. After the meeting of the Faculty Board the applicant will be informed of the final decision by e-mail as soon as possible.
  5. The amounts granted are paid to the applicant after the end of the conference. Depending on the situation of the applicant, this will be done through weekly state or through reclamation of costs of externals. If the expenses have already been paid from a different UGent-budget, then the refund is made through internal transfer of these expenses. Instructions for reimbursement can be found here.