Starting credit for doctor-assistants during their first term


The Scientific Research Committee (CWO) grants financial support to new postdoctoral researchers who do not receive a working budget from other funding bodies. The grant supports early-career academics in developing their independent research and research groups.

Application procedure

Who can apply?

  • Only doctor-assistants of Ghent University (at the FBE) are eligible.
  • Doctor-assistants must be in their first term (= 3 years)
  • Postdoctoral researchers with a grant do not qualify for this support, as they receive a bench fee.
  • Researchers who do not have the formal position of doctor-assistant but who are functional doctor-assistants (originating from the integration with the university colleges) are also eligible.
  • Doctor-assistants who are appointed as substitute for a member of the ZAP, meaning that they take over part of the activities of this professor (mostly educational activities), are not eligible for a starting credit for doctor-assistants. If this researcher later on acquires his own position as doctor-assistant, he or she will be eligible for this starting credit.

What can be applied for?

  • A one time starting credit of 10,500 euro.

Should a doctor-assistant interupt his or her appointment, part of the support wil be re-claimed from the supervisor. This part is calculated proportionally in accordance with the number of months by which the duration of the postdoctoral mandate has been reduced. For example: if the mandate is interrupted after precisely one year, the amount that will be reclaimed is 24/36 or 1/3 of 10,500 euro, i.e. 7,000 euro.

When can an application be submitted?

The application can be submitted throughout the year. Unless their is a full agenda, the application will be discussed during the following meeting of the CWO.

The total number of granted applications is limitated per year. For 2017, a max. of 52,500 EUR for doctor-assistants in their first term can be granted. Applications that could not be granted because of this budget limitation, can be postponed by the Committee to the next year.

How to apply?

First register and afterwards complete the application form.

Annexes to be submitted?

No annexes have to be submitted with this application.

Procedure of decision making

  1. The applicant is invited to the meeting of the CWO to present the purpose of the grant in the context of his research goals.
  2. In absence of the applicant, the Committee formulates an opinion on the approval or disapproval of the application.
  3. The Committee forwards its opinion to the Faculty Board, that takes the decision.
  4. After the meeting of the Faculty Board the applicant will be informed of the decision by e-mail.